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  • Jenny Fenig, Spiritual Business Coach + Brand Strategist
    I had the most AMAZING coaching session today where in 30 minutes I was able to move through overwhelm into a peaceful, focused plan of action. I felt completely supported, acknowledged, and validated. Andrea is a STRONG coach who isn’t afraid to go there with her clients. She’s funny, gutsy, and intuitive. She has a real passion for picking up on Inner Critic blocks. So excited to watch her soar!
    Jenny Fenig, Spiritual Business Coach + Brand Strategist
  • Kathleen Gonzalez, Assistant Manager
    Andrea's Jump Start Your Job Search program provides in-depth professional knowledge beyond starting a job search. Andrea is very knowledgeable. She equips you with skills that can be taken with you for the rest of your life, which leaves feelings of capability and power. Andrea does not simply relay information. She builds, sculpts, and molds her clients to be prepared to handle any possibility, surprise, or outcome that arises as one searches for a new job or career path.
    Kathleen Gonzalez, Assistant Manager

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