When you think about your job ...

Do you feel trapped, angry, frustrated, or stressed?


Would you like to feel carefree, happy, relaxed, and excited?


Would you like to learn all the tools, techniques, and skills necessary to hack the system so you can land your dream job? If your answer is YES, then lady you are in the right place! Welcome to ... 

Jump Start Your Job Search

I have three programs for educated professionals who know WHAT they want to do, want to do it NOW, but may not know HOW to get there.

Features & Benefits (All programs)

  • Master Your Mindset

    Create a positive mindset to ensure success. (Every client's favorite module!)

  • Hunt for a job by looking in the right places

    Learn HOW to hunt for a job and WHERE to look in today's ever-changing, interconnected world.

  • Write a killer resume tailored to your desired job

    Learn HOW to write a killer resume through step-by-step tutorials with my expertise, coaching, and teaching. (Three templates available.)

  • Create custom cover letters

    Learn HOW to write an awesome cover letter through a step-by-step tutorial with my expertise, coaching, editing, and our trademarked cover letter template.

  • Feel safe

    Know your login information is 100-percent secure on our https website.

  • Create an all-star LinkedIn profile

    Learn HOW to create an all-star LinkedIn profile and HOW to use it during your job search.

  • Rock your next job interview

    Learn HOW to rock your next job interview by creating and mastering your Tell Me About Yourself story.

  • Discover your Internet footprint

    Learn WHY your Internet footprint can make or break your job search and HOW to create a positive digital shadow.

  • Dress for success

    Learn the five keys to a winning wardrobe and develop your signature style.

  • Negotiate salary like a pro

    Learn what salary you deserve and how to get it!

  • View all modules and lessons on any device

    Watch, listen, and download all lessons on any device including mobile!

  • Kathleen Gonzalez, Visual Arts Teacher & Artist
    Andrea's Jump Start Your Job Search program provides in-depth professional knowledge beyond starting a job search. Andrea is very knowledgeable. She equips you with skills that can be taken with you for the rest of your life, which leaves feelings of capability and power. Andrea does not simply relay information. She builds, sculpts, and molds her clients to be prepared to handle any possibility, surprise, or outcome that arises as one searches for a new job or career path.
    Kathleen Gonzalez, Visual Arts Teacher & Artist
  • Doug Dickinson, Sr. Desktop Engineer
    Andrea assisted me with rewriting my resume twice now. The first time she completely reconfigured my resume, I had a new job within one month. The second time, she helped me add my new job skills and reword key parts of my resume. I had a new job within three days. She uses her skills as a writer and recruiter to help craft the best resume possible for the job you are applying for. I would definitely use Andrea again for resume writing.
    Doug Dickinson, Sr. Desktop Engineer

Want to jump start your job search FASTER?

Our Jump Start Your Job Search Faster program offers a private 60-minute coaching session with Andrea. The combination of personal attention and DIY is a great value!


Heck yeah, I want to land my dream job faster!
Fun Fact: I can curl my tongue into a flower!

Hello Gorgeous! My name is Andrea Wilson Woods. I am an ICF-certified coach who specializes in career coaching. I created Jump Start Your Job Search because I know how to land jobs. After working over 100+ jobs in 19 careers in nine industries, I have cracked the code on how to find jobs. 

I started helping my friends with their resumes and interviews in the early 2000's. Fast forward to August 2008: I finished my master's degree in writing and the economy tanked. When I started my writing/consulting business, most of my individual clients needed resumes and career counseling. Additionally, I worked as a resume analyst for getinterviews.com. 

If you want to know my history of teaching, acting, dancing, and working as a patient advocate, just ask me. Additionally, you can read My Story or my formal Bio

Jump Start Your Job Search DIY

8 Modules available immediately

3 resume templates + our custom cover letter template

Samples + Case Studies

  • Lesley Hart, Leadership Development Coach at Center of Excellence
    Andrea’s Jump Start Your Job Search VIP Intensive is one of the best investments I’ve made in my career. Being in the process of shifting my career focus, I wanted some support in repackaging myself in a new professional direction. This work with Andrea provided all that and much more. Not only do I have a brand new resume, bio, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and tell-me-about-yourself story, Andrea also shared tools and ideas that empower me to lead my own search and development from here on.
    Lesley Hart, Leadership Development Coach at Center of Excellence
  • Richard Bolles, Best-selling author of What Color Is Your Parachute? 2018: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers
    You are clearly an experienced, compassionate, and creative counselor.
    Richard Bolles, Best-selling author of What Color Is Your Parachute? 2018: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers

Are you ready to DIY your way to landing your dream job?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What methods of payment do you take? 

All major credit cards including Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.

Do you offer payment plans? 

Yes and no. We do not offer payment plans for our DIY courses. If you are accepted into our 100-Day Elite Group Coaching program, we will be happy to discuss our three payment plans.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes and no. We only have two guarantees in life: we are born and we will die. That's it. We cannot guarantee success. There are too many factors involved: your profession, your industry, your geographic location, time of year, and most importantly: YOU. You are the singlest biggest fact in determining your success.

We do not offer any guarantee or refund for our DIY program. However, we offer a type of guarantee with clients who are accepted into our 100-day Elite Group Coaching Program.

Do you offer refunds? 

No. See above regarding guarantee.

Are your services tax-deductible?

As of 2018, most job searching activities (e.g., resume writing, career coaching, LinkedIn Premium) will no longer be tax-deductible. 😞

Speak to your accountant. You will receive a receipt upon payment.

Why should I choose your program?

I have worked in nine different industries, and within those industries, I've had about 19 different careers, and easily over 100 jobs. My well-written resumes and cover letters have gotten me in the door without any connections whatsoever! With or without connections (usually without!), I know how to land jobs.

After obtaining my master's degree in writing, I took my knowledge and skills and taught my clients how to obtain their dream jobs — even in a bad economy. Later, I completed a 10-month, ICF-certified coaching program to become an Associate Certified Coach. I'm proud to be one of only three career coaches in Alabama listed in the 2017 and 2018 editions of What Color Is Your Parachute? by bestselling author Richard Bolles.

My motto: "I do not give my clients the fish; I teach them HOW to fish so they will continue to succeed in the future."

My goal: To ensure you have skills that you can use for the rest of your life. Whenever you want to change jobs in the future, you will have not only the skills, but you will also know HOW to do it. And more importantly, you will have the confidence to do it.

How do your prices compare to other DIY career coaching programs?

Great question! Prices vary depending on a coach's experience, expertise, education, and skill set. Let's say you only want a resume because you believe that is the only reason you have not landed your dream job.

  • The average cost for an entry-level resume (someone with 0 – 2 years of professional work experience) is $400 assuming the resume writer is experienced.
  • When I worked for getinterviews.com from 2008 – 2009, they charged a minimum of $695 for entry-level resumes and $850 for executive-level resumes. Adjusted for inflation, the cost today would be $816 and $998 respectively.
  • A DIY course price below $500 that gives you all the tools you need is far less than you would pay (or should pay) to have a professional custom resume.
  • Every minute you are unemployed is hurting you financially. Download our Salary Loss Tool to calculate your lost wages. If you could find your dream job quicker by investing a little money in your career, wouldn't it be worth it?

I have another question.

No worries. Just email me andrea AT andreawilsonwoods.com. (Don't want to link it 'cause of all the bots!)

  • Allen Kilgore Jr. (former corporate counselor who changed careers)
    I committed to the full 8 week course [Jump Start Your Job Search] and Andrea invested in my future. She really pushed me to drill down into what I wanted and tailor my resume and search skills to achieve that goal. It was not easy. No shortcuts. She pushed when needed and pushed back if I tried to cut corners. What I wanted — and what I got — was not a new and different job, but a radical career change. A career change that reflected not my career history, but the path I identified for happiness. I can honestly say that without Andrea’s guidance and support, I would not have been prepared to make the leap I did, nor would I have been prepared to find the perfect career I did. Andrea will set you on the right path to find the career you want. I recommend Andrea Wilson Woods without reservation.
    Allen Kilgore Jr. (former corporate counselor who changed careers)

Questions You Should Ask

What type of clients have you coached before?

I have coached clients from the following industries: Advertising, Coaching/Consulting, Commercial Banking, Communications/Electronics, Computer Software, Construction, C-Suite Executives, Customer Service, Dentistry, Design, Education, Engineering, Entertainment, Finance, Foundations/Nonprofits, Graphic Design, Health/Wellness, Healthcare Services, Hedge Funds, Hospitals/Nursing Homes, Hospitality, Human Resources/Recruiting, Internet Technology, Legal, Manufacturing, Marketing, Newspaper/Magazine/Book Publishing, Public Relations, Sales (e.g., Retail, B2B), Social Services, Small Business Owners, and Universities, Colleges & Schools.

I have found the industry doesn't matter so much as the client: YOU determine your successYou must be committed.

How is the DIY program different from your 100-day elite group coaching program?

  1. PRICE: The DIY program is 10 times cheaper and is available for anyone. Andrea's 100-day Elite Group Coaching Program is by invitation-only and she selects no more than five new clients per month to coach. That program is $5000.
  2. ACCESS: With the DIY program, you do not receive training calls or any one-on-one time with Andrea. If you feel you need a bit more help, buy the Jump Start Your Job Search FASTER program which includes a private 60-minute coaching session with Andrea.
  3. AVAILABILITY: In our elite program, we limit how much content our clients can see at one time. In the DIY program, all modules including bonuses are available immediately so if you want to skip around, you can.
  4. ACCOUNTABILITY: In our 100-day Elite Group Coaching Program, Andrea holds our clients accountable. They know they have to report on their progress every week during the training call. With the DIY program, you have to hold yourself accountable. You have to be self-motivated.
  5. HOMEWORK: In our 100-day Elite Group Coaching Program, our clients must turn in all required homework every Saturday by 12 p.m. EST so Andrea can provide detailed feedback and return it within 24 hours. In the DIY program, you do not turn in homework or receive personal feedback on assignments.

Will I need special computer equipment or software for your program?

No. You can watch the videos or listen to the audio on any device. None of my clients have ever needed to buy new hardware or software to participate in my programs.

I see words like gorgeous & lady on this page. Do you allow men in your program?

  1. Men can be gorgeous, too! 😉
  2. And yes, absolutely. I have worked equally with women and men.
  • Linh Mai, Process Engineer
    I committed to Andrea’s course (Jump Start Your Job Search program) and it was one of the best decisions I have made. I could feel that my resume and interviewing skills got much better. I love her mindset practice because I could feel that it has changed my mindset to more positive thinking. She has helped me not only as a coach but also as a mentor. I have scored more interviews after her course. I highly recommended her course to anyone who wants not only to change their career path but also to change their outlook about career and life to more of a positive note.
    Linh Mai, Process Engineer

Did you read this entire page? Seriously? Wowzers. I already ❤ you! Are you ready to take the next step? It's not too difficult ... 😊


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